Wordsmith ©

Wordsmith © is the professional arm of House of Bee Sting. It is for business editing and for editing at university level, as well as original writing for businesses, charity organisations, etc.

Services include editing of research reports, research proposals for funding, university theses and dissertations, plus online editing of web sites and portals, virtual environment quality assurance, and much more.

Editing is done by a PhD graduate who earned her MA (Psy)(Cum Laude).

With an extensive writing/research/editing portfolio dating back to 1982, and over 20 years’ experience editing at university level, Dr Beba Papakyriakou’s Wordsmith services and rates are as follows:

1. As regards printed work: Editing of research reports, research proposals, master’s dissertations and doctoral theses for university students, plus experience in an ad hoc capacity for a publisher that published magazines and books for the building trade.

She has also written several booklets and pamphlets for two charity organisations, and some commercial work, plus book reviews and book editing.

2. As regards virtual environments, she has an understanding of the publishing industry in general and is happy with the process; she also has an understanding of the web environment, and in work previously done for a large corporation (on one of their web portals) she would check links, logic, navigation, etc, not just content on the “active content area”.

This therefore could be applied to:

Web Sites
Web Portals
Digital Communication such as electronic marketing brochures
Book reviews

What she is offering:

Professional online Quality Assurance Management.
Specifics include:
Proof-reading text
Professional writing consultancy (grammar, spelling, general quality of writing)
Image checking
Navigational logic quality assurance
Coherence of design templates throughout (I report in on where things appear weird or different)
Broken Links Check (I report in, not fix them)
Separate from this, she is a published author and writer so could also offer original writing if that is required, over and above editing, linking themes, ensuring work is readable, etc.


1. Printed media:
By the use of track changes and comments. Work on hard copies attract higher rates.

2. Virtual environment:
Operates online
Submits a detailed matrix highlighting the results of her quality assurance work
Undertakes the process in stages so that changes can be done in parallel, which helps companies with their production schedule
Book reviews in PDF format or Word document

Rates (subject to adjustment depending on Rate of Exchange but rates below were applicable at the time of updating this site):

1. Editing services, e.g.research proposals, master’s and doctoral work:
Per 280 words: from ZAR26, US$3.00, Euro E2, GBP £2.

2. For editing of other work:
Charity organisations – usually free of charge.
Commercial endeavours – subject to discussion.

3. For original writing:
Charity organisations – usually free of charge.
Commercial endeavours – subject to discussion.

4. For virtual environment and other special projects:
Per hour from ZAR200, US$15, Euro E12, GBP £10.00; or once-off fee per job.

4. Book reviews: Fee to be negotiated per job.

Please click on the contact link at the top of the page, or send your e-mail to her on author@housebeesting.com to discuss your editing requirements, as well as your requirements for original writing.