Welcome back to House of Bee Sting!

Right here, right now, this is the place, this is the time.

As I said in June 2007, dreams do come true. My special project, House of Bee Sting, took shape and evolved overnight as if by magic and really is testimony to how things flow when it’s the right thing and when it’s the right time. This is when the world shows us the infinite possibilities in life, and dreams do indeed come true.

Dreams also came true for me in other areas and it’s been such a great ride!

We live in ever more challenging times, and we need to use all means at our disposal to navigate our way through life in healthy, constructive, rich ways; to bring hope, peace, love and harmony back into our lives; and to have some of life’s richest human experiences. So, in the spirit of creating something worthwhile for ourselves and for others to enjoy, let’s go out there and make a difference.

House of Bee Sting has some treats: Check out Books where, thanks to online resources such as Lulu and Amazon, and others, writers have been able to self-publish their work and are no longer forced to keep it away from the world because traditional publishing is out of their reach. My books are available as paperbacks and Ebooks on lulu.com and as Kindles on amazon.com. Just enter my name and surname, and you’ll find them.

Landa’s Haven © is the page with “personal perspectives” for inspiration. In 2010 I hand-picked 21 stories from this page and created an Ebook, paperback and Kindle books entitled Selected Works House of Bee Sting – Landa’s Haven (birthday edition).

Tales from the Canoe © is where we can all have a bit of a laugh at some of life’s experiences, and realities, including those that only women experience and share. This area carries a warning about “Language”; it is mild language, but please bear this in mind anyway.

Byron’s Little Helper © has a selection of inspirational sayings in the form of Pocket Companions (BLHPC) plus a collection of special photographs, and has kept Byron’s Little Helper – and certain friends – very busy. The page has evolved through experiences captured on digital cameras around the world.

Wordsmith© is the professional arm of House of Bee Sting. It is for business editing and for editing at university level, as well as original writing for businesses, charity organisations, etc. Services include editing of university theses and dissertations, plus online editing of web sites and portals, virtual environment quality assurance, and much more.

Enjoy the site, and please feel free to get in touch by clicking on the contact button (or just send mail to author@houseofbeesting.com).

Beba Papakyriakou [BA; BA Hons (Psy); MA (Psy)(Cum Laude); PhD (Psy)]
Researcher in Psychology
Updated 11 May 2018