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This page has information about original writing in the form of books already published.

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Looking for a penis, not a toothbrush© The chilling realities surrounding women’s sexual violations against children.

The Little Book of Studying Horrors: Annihilating them! The Independence Maker™ Conquering Tertiary Education.

Shift Yourselfie© Drag yourself out of your emotional quicksand

GET-THIS Series 1/2010 Launch Edition Feed your body, nurture your soul (refreshed 2018)

GET-THIS Series 1/2010/2 Domestic Goddess-Not Cookbook Series. Real food. Real stories. Real people (refreshed 2018)

GET-THIS Series 1/2010/3 Selected Works House of Beesting – Landa’s Haven page (refreshed 2018)

Wombs – the tale of four foetuses