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Some people’s lives are changed in an instant through events that are tragic, events that maim, and disfigure; events that cause pain and destruction in other ways, events that leave people homeless, and without other resources and stability.

Our hearts go out to those people and when we also cast our minds to those in our more personal circle, events like those feel as though they touch our own lives as well.

The upcoming fifth anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings is one such catastrophic event that changed the lives of thousands of people either in small ways or in big ways. Some died, some were left disabled and disfigured; some lost loved ones, some lost their ability to earn an income, some have been left with psychological scars to match their physical scars.

Life has a way of sending us events that can change our lives.

Today I’m again celebrating the anniversary of an event eighteen years ago that changed my life, fortunately for the better, and I remain humble and grateful.

This time last year I wrote about celebrating and remembering the good stuff in life, not only the bad stuff, and whilst it is important to remember the bad stuff and to honour what resulted from bad events, it is equally important to celebrate and remember all that is good and has had a good impact on us.

Most events have the power to create something new and different for our individual life experience however minute the impact might be. Some events have the power to create a completely new improved version of ourselves, and that, in my view, is something to be cherished. And celebrated.

This year I initially opted for something short and sweet to mark the occasion, but the writer in me got the better of me and I decided to do something a little more.

May the next 18 years bring more celebrations of varying intensity and specialness.

Beba Papakyriakou
30 June 2010
Posted on on 30 June 2010

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