Requiem for the end of an era

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It’s no small coincidence that the end of a particular era would occur at a time that is all about new beginnings and opening new paths.

In numerology the number is “1” and the end of this particular era came a whisper short of 19 years – yes, nineteen; long years filled with varied experiences, great heartaches, immense joys, unconditional love, hope, loss, cherished moments and the making of memories – basically, all of Life’s Riches.

When and how do you make one of life’s most significant decisions – to let go of that one significant person and that one significant relationship, and move on? You make it when the time is right, and not a moment sooner ….

How you make it: it is pretty much made for you. But you then have a choice about how you deal with it and whether you do it quietly, gently and with dignity, or with ugliness and pain.

Know this: There is divine timing and divine order in everything. Everything. Most of the time though, we mortals don’t quite comprehend why things are going this way instead of that, or why things happen the way they happen. But happen they will, at the perfect time, for the perfect outcome. No, not perfect as in without blemish, without pain, with only beauty and elegance. Perfect for a life to be lived not as it should be, but life as it is.

Surrender to this universal truth. Let go of emotional attachments to all things, including people. Relinquish the need to control all that is presented to you. Let go. Let a higher source take care of the when and the how. And indeed the why.

In my experience, limited though it might be, what has been written (maktub) will win every time despite the individual plans we have, despite the affirmations we utter, despite the things we visualize with all the tricks and tips we pick up from the gurus.

The universe has its plan for each of us, it really has, and whilst we appear to have some free will in some circumstances, our journey will proceed according to the big universal plan. We can kick against it, we can curse and splutter and scream; we can beg, we can bargain, we can try to push it along; we can try to engineer outcomes; we can give everything we’ve got, and still the grand prize could elude us.

I did all that, I was fully invested in all of it, and the grand prize is still not in my hands.

But finally, as if from nowhere, the time came to let go from the heart.

The journey for me was tough but it was sprinkled with enough cherished moments to make it a journey I will never forget.

Right here, right now, I am very keen and very happy to go wherever my footsteps take me, and to embrace new and beautiful experiences. And make a whole bunch of new memories.

Oddly enough, letting go was much easier than holding on ….

Beba Papakyriakou
Johannesburg Wednesday 6 July 2011

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