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… today I went for a mammo, routine, bit overdue, and Dr R, the usual suspect at the mammogram place was away but another doc was in attendance, so I had the mammo which of course is always SUCH a thrilling experience, watching one’s boobies being squashed into a shape the plastic surgeon tried really hard to change …. and then I put on the little gown again and sat down for a few minutes, and was then summoned to have an ultra sound, which they always do because there’s a bit of scar tissue, and so I went through and that too is a pleasant experience, you take off your gown exposing boobs but also the top half of your body right down to where your jeans end, and in my case it is not an overwhelmingly sexy sight, but anyway, so anyway, t*ts dangling I leapt up onto the bed thing – why don’t they have little stepladders for the short ones?

Anyway, so I climbed on the bed which wasn’t actually as high as I am suggesting, and the climb was not too undignified, and then the nurse or whoever she is put the little modesty face cloth across my chest, and there I lay for a couple of minutes, or in fact probably only about one minute, when suddenly the door opens – oh, I was told that a Dr A would be doing the ultra sound, and I didn’t know who that was, it could have been anyone, he/she was not there the last time I went for a mammo – so the door opens and in walks a really nice looking woman, probably my sort of age, though I would need to look at her from a different angle to say for sure, but she looked really pretty, dark hair, introduced herself, shook my hand a tad strongly but I suppose it was the professional handshakeypoo, and gave me her name, said that the staff were all excited because I am Greek, she is Greek, big excitement, not sure why, and anyway, so she starts doing the ultrasound which is okay, you know lots of jelly gel whatever that thing is and I have to say she was gentle when she pressed the dingus on my breasts, and she did both, we had a bit of a chat, while she was doing that, and she said to me twice, not once, twice, “You have very nice breasts”. I thanked her, and thought I should ask her for her phone number, but alas I held my tongue, and didn’t even venture further to ask if she meant nice aesthetically or health-wise or both, but I like to think she meant both, and with that, I was left with two paper towels on my jelly gel soaked breasts, and I got off the bed and would have liked a bath sheet not a face cloth to mop everything up, by which I mean the jelly gel remains, and so there you have it then.

The She Doctor was nice and very pleasant on the eye. And depending on her inclination, she might even be pleasant on other parts of one’s anatomy, but as it’s Greek Holy Week perhaps I should put those thoughts aside for now.

Just thought you’d enjoy this little titbit, even those of you who might be slightly mystified about some of the references J



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