Menopause Final Instalment

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Okay, so where was I? At the bus stop. The bus stops here? Uhum, okay, so, I had a year last year that I wouldn’t consider a great year by any stretch of the imagination. And towards the end of this hopefully-gone-and-buried year, I had reason to believe that I needed to venture down to the gynae for a little once-over. But every time I had an appointment, other things happened and I had to postpone each time.

Things eventually settled down long enough for me to get to see her last week. Oh joy.

There is, however, always light in the darkest night, and this time my uterus was found easily, and was, apparently, in good niknak. Good to hear that, nak. The other bit of news though is that we – the Gynae, the Uterus and I – jointly came to a conclusion that I could quite possibly be in the early stages of menopause, but we’ll kind of know for certain in a little while. If not, I’ll have to write another story. Oh joy.

Anyhow, even though it is as yet uncertain and even though the event is a natural progression of being a woman and being alive, and no big deal except that I can now start getting senior citizen rates at movies and tint my hair purple, there nevertheless is cause for alarm.

Here it is: I’ve already been through menobreak and menobrake (having met my darling all those years ago), so to be going through menopause 10 years later really has stumped me. What next? Fast forward? Rewind? Eject?

Oy vay.

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