Menopause Instalment No. 2

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Okay, so Yves baby’s impact was considerably short-lived. I saw him once, briefly, and then nothing. No flowers, no phone calls, no anonymous cards for Valentine’s Day as that little joke goes.

When I tried to see him a second time, I couldn’t find him. No-one had heard of him and he hadn’t left a forwarding address or contact number. Ja well no fine.

But, being an indirect descendant of Sherlock Holmes, I managed to track down some or other relative of his, and was told that he had retired to Wilderness for a change of pace. I was mystified, ’cause I’d have thought he and people like him spend most of their careers in Wilderness. Maybe it was Hermanus he retired to. Her Manus? What on earth is a Manus? And do we all have one? Heavens.

Sweet manuses ….

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