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What do you consider to be the basics of dissertation and thesis writing? Active guidance from your supervisor/promoter? A prescribed list of resources? Perfect writing skills? Great command of English? All of these are valuable but the foundation of writing a dissertation or thesis that will attain a high mark starts with one’s mental fortitude, one’s thought processes, one’s attitude.

Dissertation and thesis writing is one aspect of studying for a postgraduate degree such as a Master’s or Doctorate. The more interesting the topic and the more relevant to the student, the more inclined he/she is to do whatever it takes to follow the time-laden process of attaining a postgraduate degree. The same personal characteristics one has for starting and pursuing a postgraduate degree are required for writing the report.

Without commitment, the journey could be difficult or just very long.

Without being organised, the whole process could send one into a downward spiral of distress.

Without being disciplined, the dream of attaining a postgraduate degree might never materialise.

Without a willingness to make sacrifices in the short term for the long term goal, the journey will seldom flow and life will seldom be in balance.
Each of these aspects will be discussed further.

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Beba Papakyriakou (BA; BA Honours (Psy)
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