Our precious little boy – Tic Tac

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Our precious little Tic Tac whom we rescued on Saturday 4 February 2012.

What a darling little man. The perfect gentleman, with the most expressive eyes. A gorgeous, clean, sweet, energetic, smiley, playful, courageous, adorable bundle of white fluff who brought us nothing but love, joy and delight. He shared all his special ways with us, and everyone who knew about him, and made us richer for having had him in our lives and our homes. It was such a privilege to be part of his life and to look into his sweet, warm eyes.

His little heart carried such weight for so long but it kept him going even after his heart attack on 28 August 2013. He graced us with almost another 7 weeks of specialness and love until 19h15 on Sunday 13 October.

Every extra minute we had with him was a blessing. We cherished every moment, and are so grateful we had him with us. The best little gift. He was our special little piece of heaven.

We send him to meet Ari, Nanuk, Bobo, Beethoven, Casper and Koukla in doggie heaven, and we know this darling little boy will find lots of other playmates up there. xx

Special thanks to Dr Israelite in the early days, and Dr Greenberg and his team in the last few weeks – Lot, Teegan, Elaine and others. And to everyone who loved Tic Tac and could understand what a special little boy he was. We greatly appreciate your loving support.

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