When life pelts you with lemons©

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When life throws you lemons, it’s expedient and fun to say “I’ll make lemonade” or “Bring out the tequila!” but what do you do when life pelts you with lemons, and it’s not a joke?

1. Stay calm.
2. Take a deep breath.
3. Try not to over-react.
4. Take one step back, mentally, from the lemon.
5. Remain calm, look at what the lemon is and what it is not.

Often, when “bad” stuff is suddenly thrown at us – whether it’s expected, unexpected, of our own doing, or not – our knee-jerk response is to panic, freak out, freeze (which is probably natural). Our brain ceases to function, our heart rate increases, and we can’t think straight. It feels as if the floor and the ceiling have collapse on top of us and beneath us, and we can be enveloped in darkness.

We are human, it is natural for most of us to have this kind of reaction, even though some people seem able to deal with life’s shocks without experiencing any discomfort. I’m not really one of those, and perhaps neither are you.

Regardless of what life throws at us, it is important to stay calm, take a deep breath, try not to over-react, take one step back, and try to assess what it’s all about. Have a cup of chamomile, drink some water, take a step back, detach as much as possible, allow your heart rate to return to normal, and the dryness in your throat to subside. And then look at the lemon again. It won’t suddenly have disappeared or changed severity or intensity, but through less fearful eyes, and with a calmer, clearer mind, we can get through that initial moment of panic and mental crisis.

Then we can slice the lemon into bite-sized chunks, and deal with each chunk one at a time – what is this thing, what do we need to do, who do we know who can help us …..

And then we need to do our best to stay in the present and not fill our heads and our hearts with thoughts and words of worry about some future event, or how the present lemon can affect everything else. Deal with the lemon, as calmly as possible, stand in your own personal power. For the religious and spiritual among us, reach for your anchor and ask for help. Sometimes there’s more help out there than we can even imagine.

By Beba Papakyriakou (BA; BA Hons (Psych)




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