Menopause Final Instalment

Okay, so where was I? At the bus stop. The bus stops here? Uhum, okay, so, I had a year last year that I wouldn’t consider a great year by any stretch of the imagination. And towards the end of this hopefully-gone-and-buried year, I had reason to believe that I needed to venture down to the gynae for a little once-over. But every time I had an appointment, other things happened and I had to postpone each time.


Menopause Instalment No. 3

Okay, so with Yves babe in Her Manus with the Wildebeest (Wilde Bees?) Wild Bees? Ya, that’s appropriate) … okay, so with Yves babe in Her Manus with the Wild Bees, I was left. Well, just left. Right. So. What’s a girl to do.


Menopause Instalment No. 2

Okay, so Yves baby’s impact was considerably short-lived. I saw him once, briefly, and then nothing. No flowers, no phone calls, no anonymous cards for Valentine’s Day as that little joke goes.


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Menopause Instalment No. 1

And so say all of us.

Okay, so here’s the thing:


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